Lower Thames Crossing

Lower Thames Crossing.

In Pictures and words (not a line on a small map!)


Over the coming weeks and months I’m planning to update this blog with a pictorial view of the general area affected by the (current) proposed Lower Thames Crossing.

My main reason for doing this is to provide more information than a line on a map provided by Highways England.

My hope would be this blog provides a better perspective of the ‘route’ with local landmarks identifying the journey of the proposed crossing through Thurrock.

Our journey begins over in Kent on the marshlands between Gravesend and Shorne.

1. Eastcourt Marshes:


On the Kent side of the Thames Estuary lies the Eastcourt Marshes between Milton in Gravesend and Shornmead Fort, Shorne. It’s here the tunnel entrance (Kent side) and subsequent ‘bore’ will make it’s journey in a North/North West direction under the bedrock of the river and surfacing on the Essex side of the estuary halfway between the old Tilbury Power Station (currently being demolished) and the old Surridge’s Wharf.




Surridge’s Wharf

In essence the ‘bore’ arrives on the Essex coast between Tilbury and Coalhouse Forts

Between the Forts
Between the Forts



Next, we’ll be making our way to Muckingford Road, with a quick pit-stop around low St Lane which dissects West and East Tilbury. If you would like a notification when this blog is next updated please click on the link.