Can we save our country? Free movement is out of control

The EU – that we are still, disastrously, part of – is fast losing control of any kind of workable policy regarding free movement of people.

Just take a look at the stresses imposed on Italy and Greece where tens of thousands of so-called refugees are descending every month.

Milk and Honey

Their ultimate destination? The land of ‘milk and honey’ of course – the UK, where free housing, healthcare, benefits for them and their often extended families await.

Traffickers are making a fortune transporting economic migrants across from Africa; and Europe is soaking them up.

Crime, stresses on services and infrastructure are reaching bursting point, and disharmony spreading amongst the peaceful people of Europe. This is due to intolerant interpretations of religion that are totally at odds with the peaceful and democratic lives that we lead.

In the UK alone we receive a net migration of over 500,000 people, some from Europe and others from beyond.

No checks

No checks on anyone, everyone’s welcome. It’s like a slow motion car crash – we can all see how this is going to pan out. And we’ve still got almost two years before we leave the EU, time for another million people to stress out our already creaking country.

What can we do? Well, we’ve put out faith, and our trust, in the hands of Theresa May. Will the Tories deliver? Fortunately Labour,¬†on the face of it, also support the will of the British people too; so there is hope.

Too late?

Along with our army of fellow UKIPpers, I will be there to help make sure that the Tories don’t go off the rails and that we get the clean Brexit the country demanded. None of this confusing ‘hard’ and soft’ Brexit nonsense; these terms are deliberately banded about to deflect what Brexit really means.

The problem is with non-democratic cultures is that the democratic system can be used to vote them in. That leads to the nightmare scenario – then the decision to revoke democracy itself can be made; just take a look at Turkey recently.

Let’s hope the horse hasn’t already bolted and there is still time to rescue this peaceful, tolerant, democratic nation before it’s too late.


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