Hmmm. Told one thing, but when you peek behind the curtain …

Main stream media (MSM) has a way of sugar coating the news and what gets to the headlines.

Nigel Farage, however, always cuts straight through, reflecting comments I’ve overheard from other UKIP MEPs. Namely, behind our backs, the #EU are laughing their socks off at us.

EU dictating

Mr. Farage said the EU was now “dictating” negotiations after Brexit Secretary David Davis was forced to agree to the EU’s negotiating timetable.

He said: “The problem here is that they’re dictating the events. They’re saying: ‘Look we’re going to buy this house off you, we want you to sign for it but you won’t know what the price is until after we’ve completed the deal’.

Tories feeling the heat

“[Theresa May] needs to make it clear we can’t sign up to exit bills and all sorts of deals without at least knowing there is a prospect of some sort of trade relationship.”

“But in many ways, I feel her problems are greater at home now than they are in Brussels.”

Peter Smith comments:

It’s about time we had a leader in this country that can lead rather than follow. Providing a continual monotonous stream of soundbites and platitudes to an increasingly skeptical audience will eventually come back to bite her. Teresa’s demise as PM, as she slips and slides, will eventually result in #Backslides to #Brussels – the worst possible outcome.

Thank Goodness that UKIP is here keeping the closest of eyes on events. We are needed more than ever; ain’t that the truth.

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