What’s happening? Whatever it is, I don’t like it

The last few months has seen the UK on the receiving end of a series of terrible body blows.

We’ve seen terrorism with the atrocious attacks in Birmingham, London Bridge and Westminster.

We’ve witnessed the horrendous fire in the Glenfall Tower block.

We’ve seen a complacent Government hold an early election only to bring an equally incompetent opposition back to life – Corbyn is now, according to opinion polls, the most popular choice for PM. Ok, May-bot is bad, but Corbyn!?

Punch drunk

And only last night, we’ve seen what looks like an attack in Finsbury Park.

No wonder we’re all walking around punch drunk thinking – what the hell is going on?

I would like to think that today is an opportunity to take stock and catch our breath – but no. There is a ‘Day of Rage’ planned later today, courtesy of the Labour Party asking everyone to take to the streets.

Thanks Labour, that’s just the thing our jumpy country needs right now. That’ll calm everyone down – NOT.

A new harsher world

We’re entering a new world and I dont like it.

Everyone’s at each other’s throats it seems. Everyday I witness person versus person attacks on Social Media. Twitter storms spreading their ire and indignation at the slightest provocation. It’s a feeding frenzy – and Facebook isn’t much better.

Quite frankly, this behaviour has no place in our society, our country we hold dear. It has no place in our collective values of openness, tolerance and forgiveness.

What’s Wrong

All of a sudden, we’re reverting back to two-party politics. Two tired parties slugging it out, with no middle ground, no consensus, with a nation divided between the two.

The Lib Dems, despite their ‘dead cat bounce’ of gaining a few more MPs, are a shadow of their former selves, pimping themselves to Remain voters in a futile attempt to retain any relevance. They’re shot, gone, ceased to be, no more.

So what about UKIP? Have they popped their clogs, too?

Well, here’s the interesting thing.

Kippers are a hardy bunch, and they know what they want. Which is a clean Brexit – none of this hard or soft nonsense – and a country that is a fair and just place to live in.

Whilst many lent their votes out to the Tories, and indeed Labour in what was a very fragmented election campaign – Kippers know what they want.

And I believe most of the country feels the same way, aghast at these seemingly separate but actually very connected events.

Inevitable results

We are seeing the inevitable results of policies enacted over the years – chickens coming home to roost.

In no particular order: police cuts, uncontrolled immigration, grossly irresponsible and potentially criminal behaviour from councils and contractors all linked to a chronic lack of leadership and accountability. Even when you take May and Corbyn out of the equation, who’s waiting in the wings…? Exactly.

And as for Brexit – well, the EU negotiators are both shaking they heads and laughing in turn as they survey the wreckage of our planning for the most important negotiations for this country for decades. We are indeed a laughing stock.

Where to turn

It’s time to ditch the poisonous and caustic red and blue parties and steer a path somewhere in between – and you’ll find UKIP, the common sense party that knows what’s what and knows what’s needed.

Which is a safe, secure country in charge of its laws and in charge of its borders. A country that can trade with any country it chooses, unbeholden and unshackled to anyone, especially the anti-democratic EU.

A country that knows its first duty is to protect its people.

UKIP is the oasis in the desert. It’s the calm, rather than the storm. It’s the voice of reason that doesn’t believe that shouting the LOUDEST wins the argument.

In conclusion, I still have hope. I sincerely believe that the great British Public are mightily hacked off and saddened by the events of the last few months and need a place of sanctuary. If you think it’s time to take a step back and calmly take stock, then why not join a party that thinks like you do. UKIP will warmly welcome you. 

As I’ve said before: UKIP is far from done, we are needed more than ever.


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