In the Battle of Brexit it’s 7 versus … 20

“There may be trouble ahead…”

Picture the scene.

You’re in a big, airy room in Brussels. There are 54 seats, 27 each side of a massive table. On one side, the EU. And on the other, the UK Government.

Now, the EU want us, without exception, to stay in the EU. We’re a big part of the jigsaw in their EU undemocratic superstate ideals, plus they love our cash. They are nailed-on Remainers, naturally.

Balanced … but hold on

The UK Government, on the other side, have pledged to deliver Brexit. What the people voted for.

So, both sides balanced. 27 on each side.

Yet …. something’s not right. In fact, something’s gone terribly wrong.

It turns out that 20 (of the 27) members of our own cabinet are Remainers – even our dear old PM!

That’s just a mere quarter of the cabinet ready to give their heart and soul to the wishes of the nation – a full Brexit.

It gets worse

Round our negotiating table it’s now 7 Brexiteers against 47 Remainers. Ye gods…

So is it any wonder the word’s going around about a ‘soft’ Brexit. Let’s digress for a moment to talk about that…

Brexit is Brexit, there’s no hard or soft. The referendum was pretty clear; an end to free movement from the EU and an end to our Supreme Courts being overruled by Brussels. It meant an end to open borders and trade with the greater market outside of the EU, and a separate trade deal with the countries of Europe. (We love trading with Europe, but not run by Europe!)

And don’t think the pied-piper of socialism is going to make a difference, either. Mr Corbyn might be the ‘king the giveaways’ but you can betcha that his heart isn’t into a full Brexit either.

His support for unlimited immigration perhaps gives away a teensy-weensy clue there.

So what went wrong?

Tory implosion

Well, the Tories were flying high, as I wrote two weeks back, as I wrote here. And then it went horribly wrong for them.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 09.49.41.png Coming Apart at the Seams, the Complacent Tories are getting found out

The Tories are unravelling left, right and centre

We now find ourselves today in a mish-mash of a car crash scratching our heads whilst Labour claim to have won despite losing and the Tories losing despite having won.

What’s going on? Let me know your thoughts.

I think, sadly, I think I know who the biggest losers are.

In my view, it’s the voters, the folks that genuinely took time out to go and vote for their perceived outcome. Today I wonder how many are happy with having cast their vote. I’m walking around in a daze myself; wondering how Brexit is suddenly, from nowhere, is at a serous risk to been watered down to the point where it’s not a Brexit!

What’s next 

What cannot be denied is the TORY Cabinet is plugged with more than three quarters Remainers, think about that…!

Next time the establishment come begging for your vote, you might want to think “trick me once, won’t let you trick me twice”.

Cllr Peter Smith

UKIP RO Eastern Region


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