Charity begins at home

On the eve of one of the most important election of recent times, UKIP Cllr Peter Philip Smith, talks about why the high foreign aid spending levels simply don’t make sense.

Trade, not Aid

UKIP has long believed that trade, not aid, is the most secure route to economic prosperity for the developing world. We will reduce the foreign aid budget and advance free trade deals to the poorest nations to help lift them out of poverty.

That’s the right thing way forward. UKIP are the ONLY party in the General Election tackling this obsession with giving away 0.7% of our Gross National Income (GNI), regardless of results.

Services under Pressure

Meanwhile, our front-line services are under increasing pressure. Homelessness, sadly, is getting worse. And with an increasing aging population it’s only a matter of time that this issue, just like ‘leaving the EU’ will become focused in the minds of many.

A 2015 World Economic Forum study concluded that in the developing world there was ‘no effect of aid on growth,’ yet UKIP is the only party in this election offering voters a real choice when it comes to foreign aid spending.

The other parties continue on this path of billions spent overseas unchallenged.

Better Targeting

When carefully targeted, aid can feed the poor and heal the sick, but regular aid payments may act as a disincentive to economic growth.

I say ‘enough is enough’ and mean it. Unlike the LIBLABCON establishment who duck and dive at any opportunity.  Particularly just before the ballot box; strange that…

Enough is Enough

It is time to consign to history the idea that pouring ever-greater sums into the foreign aid budget is a signal of our virtue. It is a hangover from the era of celebrity-driven politics personified by Tony Blair and David Cameron.

On June 8th Vote for Change, not the same old, same old. Vote UKIP.


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