UKIP: No about turns – we keep our word

In 2015 UKIP made pledges in our manifesto which we stand by today, unlike the other parties whom spring white rabbits out of the hat just before a general election that mysteriously evaporate as fast as they arrive.

Here’s what UKIP said in 2015.


  • Create an over-arching role of Director of National Intelligence, who will be lead a new, single, unified intelligence service


  • Revise the Armed Forces’ terms of service, to ensure personnel on operational duty overseas do not pay income tax


  • Oppose any form of military integration with the European Union.”


On June 8th, Vote the same, get the same or maybe a grafter who’ll represent YOU in Westminster as opposed to your current nodding dog puppet, who does what he’s told.

 Vote for Peter Philip Smith, your UKIP candidate for Rayleigh and Wickford.

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