Defending Our Nation, Supporting Our Veterans

By Cllr Peter Philip Smith,

From the start let’s get Foreign Aid addressed once and for all. We currently spend 0.7% of GDP (13B) overseas; let’s reduce this 0.2%: Hey; if it’s good enough for the USA its good enough for the UK.

Why do we hear time and time again our heroes whom put themselves in danger return home only to ‘fall through the net’ and end up on the streets? It’s shameful and a national disgrace.

No veteran should be homeless

No veteran should be homeless, let alone have to sleep rough on the street, yet this is happening because the Government is not enforcing a law stating military heroes must be offered homes.

UKIP will enforce this law, and build eight halfway house veterans’ hostels, each with 200 rooms and modeled on similar hostels already in operation. We will also assign 500 affordable rent homes every year to ex-forces personnel.

Sanctuary and Support

I’m in talks with a local Essex charity (Nicky Mason Foundation) that have ambitious plans to create a sanctuary for returning veterans with log cabins, houses and flats for homeless soldiers including much needed supporting services. Whilst in its infancy I’ve been proud to lend my support to help them move forward.

More can be found about the charity here:

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