Our Mental Health Crisis

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 10.13.37

The savage cuts applied to the mental health budget by Tory Central Government (establishment) has had shocking consequences.

With fewer and fewer supporting services available for those in need, we find – in the 21st century! – that those who need it most in absolute dire straights.

No support

More people are finding themselves at the mercy of drug abuse, homelessness and other dangers because the protective care backup has diminished or simply not there.

I’ve seen first hand the devastating impact this has on our most vulnerable in my regular surgeries. It simply cannot continue and nor should it.

Could affect us all

I am passionate about mental health, because it can affect anyone at any time in their lives, and in some cases timely support can make all the difference in getting people back on their feet.

For those of us more seriously affected, surely we have a collective responsibility as a caring, supporting society to look after those that need it most.

Let’s bring back the levels of support those amongst us with mental health issues back to where they should be.

Doing something about it

I’ll say this: a vote for mickey mouse, plastic, lazy, career politicians will not bring this much needed change.

On June 8th, vote for change … or get the same.


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