Time to abolish VAT on pet food

There is no VAT charged on many types of food we buy in the shops and supermarkets, but did you know VAT is applied to pet food?
And that a full 20% VAT is slapped on all canned, packaged and prepared pet food?

Yet Another Stealth Tax


This is a stealth tax on hard-pressed pet owners and I believe it’s time to abolish VAT on these meals for our much-loved animals in our care.


Why must we put up with a government constantly picking the pockets of pet owners; it’s time for fresh ideas and I propose the removal VAT on pet food.


I personally believe UKIP should take this forward as a National Policy, I’ll lobby and move to make it so.


On June 8th, set Rayleigh & Wickford free from the misery of another 5 years with a rubber stamp, career politician such as Mark Gino Francois.


Vote for Peter Philip Smith, UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Rayleigh and Wickford. Let your vote have a true voice that says; Vote for Peter Philip Smith. Let your vote have a true voice that says: Enough is Enough! I want common sense.

On June 8th, say NO to the establishment. 

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