Fight for our fishermen! Don’t let the Tories roll over

Cllr Peter Philip Smith cannot believe what the Tories are proposing for our fishermen.

“One of the many benefits of leaving the EU is regaining control of our fishing territorial limits around the UK.”

“The situation at the moment is ridiculous. Thanks to the abysmal deal signed by the Tories in the 1970’s when we joined the EU, all territorial waters are shared by all countries in the EU.”

Two-thirds of our fish nicked by the EU

“It means that only around 30% of the fish taken from British waters are actually landed by British fishermen; over 70% are taken by those from other European countries.”

“In fact around two-thirds of all fish caught by French fishermen are caught in British territorial waters!”

Tory proposals are woefully inadequate

“The Tories, rather than getting back our rightful share, i.e. 100% of our territorial waters, are looking at a mere, puny, 12-mile exclusion zone around the coast. It would mean that the EU will continue to poach our fish.”

UKIP will not let it happen and insist that the UK gets its full share; that’s 100% of the territorial waters as recognised by World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules.”

Take a look at our 2017 manifesto, you might be surprised.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 12.45.44.png

You’re welcome to find out more about UKIP’s fishing policies in the UKIP Election Manifesto? Worth a read!

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