Our Older Generation – Let’s talk Straight

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By Peter Philip Smith, UKIP parliamentary candidate for Rayleigh and Wickford.

How we respond to older people is a reflection of the society we want to live in. We should take pride in looking after the generation that once looked after us; it is a completion of the circle of life.

However, sadly, this life maxim is not the view of the Tories, who, with a stroke of an accountant’s pen, wants to worsen our pensioners’ lot. ┬áThe Nasty Party, yet again, prove their name at every turn.

The Tory Triple Lock let-down

First, they want the ‘triple lock’ to go. This provided a certainly for pensioners in terms of the pension they could expect – this certainty is gone and the terms, as always, are worse. UKIP would retain the triple lock.

Next, we have the ill-thought out so-called ‘Dementia Tax’, pushing the onus of paying care on those with modest assets, and even those with substantial assets would have had to pay large sums until the Tory ‘u-turn’ that said there would be a cap on payments “all along”. Yeah, right – a barefaced lie from our PM.

The Chief Execs are alright (of course)

We find councils, directed by Tory high command, slashing costs of key services affecting the elderly at every turn, yet, of course, the high-renumeration of the Chief Executives always gets managed to get paid first, of course.

Growing older into pensionable age and beyond should be a dignified, respectful, and, of course, enjoyable and fulfilling phase of life.

Common-sense solutions

UKIP has key policies in this direction.

  • Protect services such as meals-on-wheels, luncheon clubs, day care services and home care
  • Abolish the annual assessment process for continuing healthcare funding in respect of those suffering from a degenerative, terminal illness
  • Fund a pro-active co-ordinating service for older and disabled people in every county to combat loneliness, combining resources from across the NHS, social services and the voluntary sector.
  • And, importantly, introduce a legally binding Dignity Code to improve the quality and standard of care for older people in hospital, care homes or their own home, and protect whistleblowers.

Vote UKIP on June 8th, and make your voice heard.

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