I’m fighting your corner against the Tory establishment

Ultimately, the battle for Rayleigh & Wickford comes down to two choices, based on recent election results (national and local): it’s the Tories or UKIP.


So. It’s either Tory Mark Gino Francois, in my opinion a rubber-stamp, drop-in-photo-op identikit-compliant-career-MP or … how about someone else …?

I would like to put forward my good self. Peter Philip Smith. I’m hard-working, currently in local government; I get things done and will fight your corner, straight forward and straight up. You’re welcome to take look around my website and my Facebook pages to see exactly what I’m all about.

Career Politician v Grafter

I mentioned I’m a grafter. Let’s take a “for instance” to show what I mean; the arena of Social Media.

Let’s take Facebook. Mark has 351 likes. By comparison, I’ve garnered 959 likes; and worked hard for every one, personally interacting with residents and others who need my help or counsel.

What does it say about Mark? Well, I would personally have thought after 15 years as an MP, Mark would have been better recognised on Social Media and put much more into it – smacks of laziness to me.

Feather nesting

It appears to me that Mark Gino Francois appears not very well liked on social media (only 351 FB likes after 10 years!), with most posts seemingly showing him trudging around for (yet) another photo op. A blatant feather-nesting rubber stamp, in it for himself, hoodwinking the people of Rayleigh & Wickford; that’s my considered view.

This has to stop, and has to stop now.  One of my maxims is: trick me once, you wont trick me twice.

Vote for someone who’s going to put in a shift, and then some. That’ll send this too-comfortable-by-far career politician to the jobcentre on June 8th.

Send a message

Send a message to the Tories. Stop the Tory bulldozers coming to a strip of green belt in your backyard; it’s a matter of time before they lap on the shores of this great part of South Essex with indiscriminate housing schemes railroading through any legitimate concerns you may have.


Social Care debacle

And what about the social care cap the Tories plan to impose if they get in? Demand from all Tory prospective MP’s: how much is the cap going to be? (On Twitter, you can use the hashtag #whatisthecap)

Funny, isn’t it, how they’ve all gone all coy about this ill-thought out and ill-judged policy. And yet, the situation is far from amusing. How can you trust the Conservative party that’s raising more questions than answers?

Give the Tories a bloody nose and vote for Cllr Peter Philip Smith on 8th June. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 12.45.44.png    Have you seen the UKIP Election Manifesto? Worth a read!

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