Want a better standard of living? Vote UKIP

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Money isn’t everything, but it sure helps. Especially when most of us are getting poorer, thanks to years of austerity policies. The wealth gap is widening; those of us with the most have even more still but those who need it most are experiencing a lower standard of living and many people are struggling.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and Peter Philip Smith, UKIP candidate for Rayleigh and Wickford, explains the common-sense UKIP policies for balancing both our nation’s finances and a better standard of living for us all.

Energy Bills

“Firstly, UKIP will remove the VAT on energy bills. At a stroke, household bills will be reduced by £170 a year. We will abolish the licence fee; in this multi-media age, the BBC should be adopting a new subscription and advertising model and compete with the rest. Another £147 saved.”

“We all enjoy a takeaway from time-to-time, we will remove the VAT there. And also from women’s sanitary products; how can you tax such necessities? Again, we’ll abolish the tax there.”

Tax Thresholds

“We will raise the minimum tax threshold to £13,500, giving everyone the ability to cover their basic living costs before the state takes any of their income. We will raise the 40% income band to £55,000. This tax is designed for high earners, not middle earners.”

“We will eliminate inheritance tax. If the Duke of Westminster can avoid paying a penny of duty on £9bn of assets, then I think the rest of us deserve the same treatment.”

Tax Dodging

“We will crack down on corporate tax dodging. How can huge companies, such as Google, Facebook, Starbucks, Amazon and the like get away with paying peanuts, and in some cases, no corporation tax at all? It’s truly shocking these companies get away with it.”

“The revenue that these companies should pay would more than offset the monies we intend to put back into peoples’ pockets.”


“Brexit will prove a boon to the economy, too. When we leave the EU, we may adopt World Trade Organisation (WTO) trading terms, which would mean an £11bn windfall in import tariffs. Some of these monies could be used to compensate customers for the slightly higher prices they would have to pay, but the rest could be well used to benefit our hard-pressed citizens.”

“Want common sense policies? Vote UKIP and make your voice heard!”

The UKIP Election manifesto can be found here.

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