It’s simply NOT good enough. Let’s take a fresh look at housing – NOW

Cllr Peter Philip Smith, laments the current state of housing policy in this country. It’s time, he argues, for us to do something about it. And quickly.

He says: “As I witness the increasing divide between house price inflation, wage stagnation and private rents on the increase I fear for our young people trying to make their way in life.”

“I fear they might be trapped in a situation similar to one of my colleagues, namely three generations living under the same roof – taking us back to post war Britain.”


“An uncontrolled, unchecked Government policy that appears to be in free fall bodes ill for our future. How can it be that our next generation have less housing opportunity than their predecessors? We’re going backwards.”

“How can a young family get a foot on the ladder when the goalposts move like shifting sands. How can they plan for their future?”

“With private rental rates on the increase and landlords less inclined to accept people on benefits, where will this end? It has to be managed properly.”

“I fear unless the Government take a hard look at itself on this issue, looking at oligarchs piling in for a quick buck, the housing market will continue to be overheated and rentals will become out of reach for our next generation families. Furthermore, how can Social Housing keep up in such a climate?”


“What’s needed is a voice to argue against, as anyone with a sense of the housing market knows this cannot continue. With house prices and rentals on the increase, a lack of homes people can really afford and wage stagnation, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to point out the obvious. It’s time for change, now is the time.”

“Whats needed is a change at the top, a voice that says “Hang on a minute, we’ve been here before; the 1980’s is a lesson for us all, this must not be allowed to continue. Because another round of repossessions benefits no one except the establishment.”

Want some fresh ideas on how to deal with this? Here: the much overlooked UKIP 2017 manifesto –

Visit for all things UKIP; all things common sense.

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