Does the NHS have to be on its knees? NO!


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Every day, it seems, there’s a story in the press about how the NHS is in crisis. Whether the headlines are about the financial deficit of so many NHS trusts, thousands of cancelled operations, rafts of management and red tape, abuse of the service, lack of funding, GP shortages … the list goes on.

Is there an answer to what seems like an intractable problem?

There is, says Peter Philip Smith, UKIP candidate for Rayleigh and Wickford.

He explains: “Sometimes, the answers to what seem like overly complex issues are actually deceptively straightforward. But first, we need to take a look at the root causes.”

Throwing money away

“Firstly, is the NHS budget, as it stands, being spent as effectively as it should? It’s all very well throwing more money into the system, but that, too, will be wasted if we’re simply compounding existing problems.”

“It turns out that the NHS has a national shortage of doctors, nurses and GPs, and many potential recruits turned away from teaching skills because there are not enough training places. How does that make sense? UKIP will remedy this, obviously.”

“There is a disconnect between the NHS and social care and as a direct result 400,000 bed days are lost every years, a shocking waste of resource. UKIP will establish a new Government Department, for Health and Care, to remedy this glaring inefficiency.”

Glaring inefficiencies

“Talking of inefficiencies, there are too many managers in the service, some on suspiciously high salaries, creating perpetual red tape. This has to stop and economies of scale need to kick in, with central bargaining and other sensible efficiencies applied.”

“Unfortunately, our precious NHS services are sometimes used as an international health service rather than the national health for what it was designed, and it is fair and right that any users from aboard are appropriately insured. That’s fair; if anyone from our country travels abroad, insurance is a must.”

“It’s true to say NHS usage is at an all-time high; this is not surprising as the number of people in this country is at an all time high, and something has to give. More money will be needed to be pumped in.”

The funding answer

“UKIP has fully costed, as part of it’s manifesto, where those extra finds will come from. We calculate £9bn a year will be needed for the NHS and an additional £2bn for social care.”

“The extra money for social care will come directly from savings from reducing the high levels of Overseas Aid, currently 0.7 of GDP, or £11bn a year. It has to be said: this figure is far too high, too much of this money is not used for in the genuine spirit of aid that it was initially intended. We’ve seen too many examples that prove this.”

If you would like to find out more about UKIP’s policy for the NHS and social care, please click here for UKIP’s manifesto.

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