What a scorcher! The UKIP Manifesto is hot of the press

UKIP has today launched its manifesto and it has been well worth the wait.

UKIP candidate Peter Philip Smith, standing for Rayleigh and Wickford, said: “What’s not to like?”

“Firstly, Brexit. Six clear tests that need to be passed to ensure the country gets delivered the true Brexit it voted for. Our country must regain control of its laws, including migration.We must be free to trade with whomever we wish to, adopting WTO rules if necessary. No divorce payments to the EU – what a racket. And all completed by 2019.”

“Upping our defence budget to 2% of GDP is, sadly, in times like these, essential and UKIP would fulfil this essential obligation to the people of our country.”

“Reducing overseas aid to a sensible level, we estimate to 0.2% of GDP, would free up £11bn a year that can be ploughed straight back into key services such as the NHS and social care. It all makes perfect sense to me.”

“A mass housebuilding exercise of 100,000 new homes to give our younger people the chance to own their own home.”

“Looking after our elderly and disabled members of our society. More police officers. All great common sense, fully costed policies that will help make our country, and great people in it, a great place to be.”

“Cutting taxes for middle earners, abolishing the BBC licence fee, and abolishing VAT on energy bills. Common sense policies, all fully costed. I support it and invite you to take a look at the manifesto to see if you agree!”

The UKIP manifesto can be found here:


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