U-turn after U-turn. Can we trust the Tories on anything?

Peter Philip Smith, UKIP parliamentary candidate for Rayleigh & Wickford, has been surveying the wreckage of the Tory manifesto.

“It didn’t take long for the Tories to show their true colours”, he said. “First, they announce their new ill-thought out social care policy that is quite rightly causing uproar, and now they backtrack and say there was going to be a cap on care costs all along.”

“But this a lie, and it is a lie, because the manifesto clearly said there would NOT be a cap. And now, on the hoof, there’s suddenly a cap.”

“This is on top of the 1% NI rise that was going to be levied on all businesses in the UK. A bit galling when you consider some of out biggest companies – Google, Facebook and the rest pay hardly ANY tax, so straightaway there is the issue of fairness.”

“And another U-turn on a policy they shouldn’t have promoted in the first place.”

“UKIP will soon bring their manifesto out. There will be no U-turns. I can tell you we will be supporting a full Brexit and our policies will be common sense policies”.

“If you despair at the current political state of play: the Tories, who can’t be trusted, Labour, well, say no more, and the Lib Dems (!), then make your vote count with a party that you can depend on. Vote UKIP.”

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