The Dementia Tax. The Tories stoop to a new low

The Tories have made clear that, for the first time, elderly people in their own homes will have to pay for their care.

Sadly, advance age brings with it conditions including dementia, and, understandably, the ramifications of this ill-thought out proposal are causing huge waves of protest.

“This proposal simply hasn’t been thought through”, said Peter Philip Smith, UKIP parliamentary candidate for Rayleigh and Wickford.

“Many elderly will feel deterred from seeking help, placing a huge burden on unpaid carers, undoubtedly, in the main, relatives and loved-ones. It will drive an increased use of hospitals and long-term care, that is inevitable.”

“It gives me no pleasure to see the Nasty Party at it again. In fact, so concerned are they about the backlash that if you google the words ‘Dementia Tax’, an ad from from the Tory’s own website appears at the top of the page. The ad talks about the ‘so-called’ facts.”

“But a raft of experts have come out against this policy. There is no hiding from the truth.”

“Suffice to stay, I deplore this policy announcement by the Tories. My god, life is tough enough without extra indignities placed on those who need the help the most.”


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