We’re watching, Theresa: Brexit really does mean Brexit

Peter Philip Smith, UKIP candidate for Rayleigh & Wickford, has stressed that UKIP is needed more than ever, because, as he puts it:

“Brexit really must mean Brexit. Actions speak louder than words, and since the Tories have brought out their election manifesto, even the words aren’t even very convincing.”

“Take, for example, fishing. After Brexit, the UK should have its territorial waters back. That should be a given.”

“But no. In the Tory manifesto, they have expressed ‘…that the UK will be fully responsible for the access and management of waters where we have historically exercised sovereign control'”.

“Historically exercised sovereign control? What does that mean? It suggests a possible fudge down the line to me.”

“And how about immigration, where the manifesto suggests net migration will be cut to the ‘tens of thousands’.

“Yet Treasury Chief Secretary David Gauke has said, on Radio 4, that this was ‘an aim – it doesn’t have a timetable’!”

“UKIP continues to be a critical backstop for making sure we get a true Brexit and it’s clear we are needed more than ever.”

“Make the point at this election. Vote for me, and remind the Tories that far from going away, UKIP is still very much on top of things. I’m ready to work damned hard for you; no pop-up politician here!”

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