Critical Questions … VITAL Answers

The Echo has asked Peter Philip Smith the key questions that really matter.

Peter, what’s your view on the state of education in south Essex, how will you help raise standards within our schools if you’re elected.

In some cases, parents are finding it difficult to secure a place for their child.  There are too many incidents of siblings sent to schools several miles away from each other.

The new funding formula will be a disaster and more investment, rather than tax cuts for millionaires; controlling immigration to manageable numbers reduces pressure on our beloved services.

Mainstream education in England has become a ‘one size fits all’ solution which is failing the needs of pupils and parents alike, they should have the choice where their students are educated, which path they can follow.

Decades of interference from Central Government has dropped us in the international education rankings by failing to adapt the system to meet student’s needs.

South Essex has always been a hive of entrepreneurs and go-getters, how will business (large and small) benefit should you become MP?

As a previous business owner, I understand fully the impact of red tape, particularly from the EU on business both small and large. Our business community in South Essex needs to have the burden of unnecessary legislation removed.

The Conservatives are not the friends of small business; they have helped create a system rigged in favour of big business.  UKIP believe in a fair playing field where every budding entrepreneur has a chance to better themselves.

It’s time for a major re-think on our approach to small and medium enterprise, I look at it this way, turn it on it’s head. We need to think ‘local into global’ and not the other way around (current system) global into local.

Social Care is clearly not up to scratch in south Essex. If you are elected MP what would you do to get our older residents a better deal?

Social care in South Essex is in crisis, driven again by the irresponsible cuts from our reckless Conservative Government.

Working in local Government I hear on a daily basis the failings in Social Care despite our overworked professionals doing their very best, hampered by red tape and bureaucracy.

In particular, I’m most concerned over our elderly and the vulnerable whom paid in for years, I feel don’t receive the service expected due to Central Government cuts, shameful.

What would I do? merge health and social care (UKIP Policy) to create a coherent and efficient service capable of creating the Social Care places needed to unblock vital beds in our hospitals. No more Tory cuts to our NHS.

Why should people vote for you?

In local Government I support residents every day, already.

I plan to open a constituency office opening 10am – 4pm Monday – Friday to be accessible to the residents of Rayleigh & Wickford, I’m already doing this in South Essex and have done so for the past 2 years and some.

Being accessible to Rayleigh & Wickford residents is my top priority if elected as MP.

I will employ a caseworker with years of citizen’s advice experience to provide expert legal advice and representation to residents.  My focus will be on fighting for residents and representing their wishes.  With a UKIP MP, you will no longer be represented by Tory lap dog Tory MP forced to tow the Conservative Party line.


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