Don’t make me angry: The Tory Brexit is a SHAM and here’s WHY

“BREXIT is a SHAM and here’s why”,┬ásays Cllr Peter Philip Smith, UKIP Thurrock Councillor and 2017 Parliamentary Candidate for Rayleigh & Wickford.

“We are being lead hook, line and sinker by the Tories down the path to a soft, trade off BREXIT.”

That’s the clear, unequivocal message from Peter Philip Smith, angry at the what he sees as the writing on the wall.

Peter says: “Don’t be fooled by the CONS, you’re being mugged off by mainstream media. Sadly without some true opposition you’ll get what you vote for; voting for a ‘pop up photo opportunity politician’ is a bad vote.”

“Trick me once, I wont let you trick me twice. I don’t buy the establishment ‘smoke and mirrors’ regarding BREXIT. To me it simply looks like were all being CONNED.”

“The worst thing I fear is a big hulking Tory party calling the shots. Vote UKIP at this election and bring ’em to heel.”

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