Fake news: it’s a modern menace.

The Echo has joined forces with news organisations around the UK in the campaign against ‘fake news’, and with it being a highly contended topic we’d like to bring the chat to you.

Peter, What does local news mean to you and why?

“It’s really important that local news, local events and local people have a voice
that is not manipulated by national politics or International Corporations. Independent Newspapers are the lifeblood of healthy Newspapers.”

Do you think local papers should be protected? Why? Why not?

“No, present laws governing the media seem to be proportionate. It would have been more helpful if the question were a little more specific. It goes without saying I would always support my local newspaper as your Member of Parliament for Rayleigh & Wickford.”

The media’s sway in elections has been widely documented. We’re all about giving everyone a fair chance, so could you tell me, in 100 words, how important the press is to you in getting your message across?

“Sometimes in elections the media sway is overstated, for example John Major won the 1992 election with little media support, more recently Donald Trump confounded the establishment by winning the US 2016 Presidential Elections with no mainstream support. Finally we won BREXIT with little media, belief or support. UKIP confounded (again) the media and won the Referendum.”

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