The danger of a Tory landslide

A dictatorship ensues without an effective opposition, much like when Blair manipulated our minds back in the 80s.


It’s pretty much a ‘given’ that a Tory landslide will happen on June 8th, but ponder one moment whom is best to serve your local interests.


Whatever the size of their majority the Conservatives will in effect have a mandate to do what they like, when they like. Not good for democracy when un-opposed.


Whether the majority is 150 or 149 makes no difference, what matters is someone stands up to their program and says “hang on a minute, without a decent opposition, this is pretty much a dictatorship”.


On June 8th, choose wisely in Rayleigh & Wickford.


Another whipped Tory lap-dog?


Or an independent true Brexit MP Cllr Peter Philip Smith.

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